Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Grocery Store

The grocery store has a lot of American brands, and some products for the European Union markets that were printed in seven languages. In some cases, packages were printed in other languages, but the words were so similar to the English ones that it was easy to discern the parallel, and some things I had to look at the pictures and guess. It’s a safe bet that koffi is coffee, but what’s keshi? Bladerdeeg? Pindakaas? Hanepoot? Sometimes you have to accept some uncertainty in life. The eggs had come from Miami, though, and the water is delicious to drink straight from the tap. All in all, the supermarket felt like a supermarket, the vibe was generally familiar and grocery shopping was a very first-world experience. But then you’d turn a corner and get reminded that you’re not, in fact, in the States – when we saw Carnaval masks for sale in the liquor store, or baby cribs sold with mosquito netting already installed. [photos] (for those who are reading this blog as a learning experience, keshi is cheese, hanepoot is grape [juice], pindakaas is peanut butter, and bladerdeeg is a kind of frozen puff pastry dough)

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