Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog Notes

We spent a day walking around downtown Oranjestad doing business mundanity (getting a local SIM card for our phone, and bus passes, and changing money). Got in *lots* of walking, partly because things were scattered and its almost a mile just to get to the bus stop, and partly because we kept getting lost. What we didn’t get was a dedicated internet connection. Many of the bars and cafés have free internet, so that’s where we’ll be going to update the blog. What that probably means for you, dear readers, is that our schedule will be very erratic -- we won’t be posting for days, then put up a whole slug of notes all at once. What that means for us, though, is that it will be difficult to avoid TWD (typing while drunk) since you have to be a customer of said bar or café in order to use their wifi!

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