Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Cruisers Are Crazy!

Statement from landlubber.
"You cruisers are crazy."
Cruiser: Huh?

L: Why do you cruisers act like your afraid of people living on land?
C: Because you are all crazy!
L: Why do you say that?
C: You get up before dawn and drive like crazy to get to work and you work all day to get a bigger house and you have to work even more hours to fill the house with stuff. Me, I wake when I'm ready and I open a hatch and look outside. If it's raining I close the hatch and read a book. If it's sunny I go over the side and swim, work on the boat, whatever. So Who is crazy?
L: So what you are saying is that if water is falling out of the sky you remain inside to stay dry. And if there is no water falling out of the sky you jump overboard to get wet.

I can see the crazy part.

(Credit where it's due: slightly modified from a thread on Cruiser's Forum)