Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anchoring out

Like cruising in the Chesapeake, there were many many intricate places and coves to anchor or explore, but unlike the Chesapeake, the shores and bottom was hard rock! The Canadian Shield is some of the oldest rock in North America. We inched our way very slowly through openings like this one.
Some days were cool, gray, and misty; others were warm and sunny. Most of all we noticed how uncrowded everything was, and how clean. We stayed in several pristine anchorages. Boating in fresh water is a treat - we jumped in off the back of the boat on warm days, no need to rinse off afterward - no salt.

We took a hike one day, and met a guide leading her folks the other way, who warned us to look out for bear! Reminder that we are in the north woods. I remember reading somewhere, that every (100?) miles north you go is equivalent to being 1000 feet higher, in terms of what vegetation can grow. The pines and birches reminded me of being in the Rockies in Colorado, even though the Great Lakes here is only about 500 feet above sea level.

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