Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canadian-style Food

I'm not exactly sure what "Canadian-style" cooking is ... except straightforward and very hearty. I only once remember being able to finish an entire meal as served. Mostly we ate on the boat, but one night we went out to an elegant restaurant. Or what they call elegant in northern Canada - the food was elegant, the style whimsical, the dress code nonexistent. Everything in the place had a fish theme, from the menu boards to the motorized plastic "shark" bread crumb tablecloth sweeper. There was one fun piece of art in the hall with a fish whose scales were made of roofing nails. Here's Melissa with Jim the proprietor.

Jim told us many stories with stunningly dry humor; my favorite was that his menu used to offer a choice of walleye for $19.95 and pickerel for $22.95. But, he explained, with a totally straight face, these are two different names for the exact same fish, and too many of his customers just didn't get it.
Our favorite meal, of course, was fish and chips. Want fresh, eh? Behind us is the boat used to catch this afternoon's snack, served from a modified school bus.

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