Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Make a Month Fly By


How to Make a Month Fly By

Yikes!  Can it really have been an entire MONTH since I’ve blogged?  While we were on the hard this summer, waiting for the boat to dry so we could put on the new copper bottom paint, time seemed to just crawl by.  Summer days are long, of course, but this was something else.  Time just dragged.  Finally, after being out of the water for the oddly symmetric dates of 7/9 through 9/7, the job was complete and we were back afloat where we belong.  And the clock, which had been ticking so … very … slowly … day … by … day, now speeded up and time passed-in-a-breathless-blur-of-friends-and-events.  Every one of them reminds me of how lucky I feel to have this life and the opportunities and connections it generates.
Even the sunset in Whitehall Bay was copper-colored!
We celebrated the completion of the Coppercoat paint job by hosting a “copper” themed party that Saturday after we splashed: Fordham “Copperhead” Ale to drink in shimmery orange cups; a variety of appropriately-colored food served on russet-hued plates (golden curries, pumpkin, and butternut squash featured prominently); shiny copper mardi gras beads for folks to wear; I was even dressed in the slinky shiny bronze pants I wear for fun evenings out.  The day before, we had taken the boat to anchor out overnight at Whitehall Bay just to clear our heads.  We sailed gloriously FAST – don’t know whether it was the chemistry of the new paint or the meticulous job our marina did with the fairing and application, or both – but it was delightful!  Even the sunset that night was copper-colored, as if the Chesapeake was celebrating with us and welcoming us back.
There came throughout September and into October a series of big events worthy of separate posts, and smaller meetings and trips and parties with a swirl of friends.  Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year according to the carol, but religious implications aside, my vote for most wonderful time of the year goes to boat show season in Annapolis.  The days are still warm and the nights are cool and the winds are a bit stronger for sailing.  It’s the time when people who spent the summer in Maine or Canada to escape the heat (and potential hurricanes) are passing through Annapolis on their way southbound to warmer climes.  Boat Show time in Annapolis!!! Don't know what I love more, seeing all the shiny new boats and gear, or seeing all the friends old and new who come to town for the show.  Yes, I do know.  What’s best of all is getting both: friends Tony and Michelle from St Augustine were here with their new boat A La Mer(To The Sea) which appeared, beautifully decorated and staged, in the show.  

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Thanx go to reader “Paul” who commented on my last post about COLREGs for everyday interpersonal interactions that technically, the rules we refer to as COLREGs apply in international waters.  The collision that sparked my post occurred in the Magothy, so inland, not international, navigation rules would apply.  When I first pitched the idea of this blog to the Capital-Gazette, I billed it as a sailing blog for non-sailors, to help people understand this nautical obsession that is so much a part of Annapolis culture.  I didn’t think our adventures were quite bold enough to interest serious sailors, we’re not crossing oceans, after all.  Sometimes, especially in stormy weather, the Chesapeake is plenty big enough for me.  Always delighted to learn that other sailors and liveaboards as well as dreamers are finding what I write useful and entertaining.  Thanx, all, you keep me on my toes!

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