Thursday, December 15, 2011

Waiting for Weather

Waiting for Weather

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We didn’t have a going-away party, so not our style, but all week friends have been dropping by, to share a beer or a joke or a little gift. Janet brought a jar of dried hot peppers from her garden, Dave gave us a crash course in a new navigation app, Mike - who started out as our canvas maker but then became a friend - dipped into his endless font of stories and had us in (excuse the pun) stitches one evening. Local artist and dock-neighbor Kristine Kowalski had us visit her studio at Maryland Hall and graced us with a painting to remember her by, all ocean blues and fresh greens inspired by her visit to the Virgin Islands.

But now, the goodbyes have all been said, the fuel and water topped up. The last load of laundry is done, the docklines are looped and ready for a quick departure. And here we sit, waiting for weather. We can’t control the weather along the journey, but we can pick the weather we start in. And these recent days have been anything but inspiring. Rain, and what wind there is, is from the wrong direction. So, we wait. Those who know me, know that I don’t do ‘patient’ very well. (Who am I kidding? Those who know me, know that I absolutely STINK at ‘patient.’)

I really fear becoming one of those people at the dock, the ones who are perennially just about to leave, but come up with one excuse after another, one more little thing to do first, and then, just never go. But the forecast calls for clear, cool, and good sailing winds out of the north to push us south. We really ARE just about to leave …

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