Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pacific Crest Trail and Julian, California

James & Ellen had told us that the thing they loved most of all about their home is that although they lived in the mountains, if they went one direction, they were an hour from the ocean; or if they went the other direction, they were an hour from the desert. So as to sample all 3 environments, this day we went for a hike close to their home. We hiked a short section of the Pacific Crest Trail, that runs from Canada to Mexico. After our exertions, we went into the little town of Julian (about 6 miles from their place) to replenish ourselves. The area is known for its apple orchards, so what better than to eat local - apple pie and vanilla ice cream?

The beginning of the trail:

Ellen contemplating the view:
What she's looking at:
The main (a.k.a., only one of two) street through the old mining town of Julian:

Apple pie and vanilla ice cream:
Good to the very very last drop:

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