Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sailabration! Tall Ships in Baltimore

We toured 4 ships before we ran out of time and energy.  The ships represented various navies - Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Ecuador - and generally had double missions of training and cultural exchange/outreach. 


This ship was built in Spain in 1982 for the Mexican Navy.  I think it was the most beautiful of  all the ships we visited; lots of glossy varnished wood and brass detailing.

Even the tenders were beautiful and traditional

The officers and crew (265 people) were gracious and super friendly.  We didn't get to learn as much as we would have wished because of the language barrier.  

The ships dwarfed the buildings of downtown Baltimore!
The ship was built in approx 1953 in Germany; but the intricate wood overlays are pure Indonesia!

This was really fun.  The Brazilian ship was docked next to the one from Mexico.  There was a bit of a friendly rivalry stereo war going on as each navy tried to outdo the other in playing their own national music over their ship's speakers.

The "Cisne Branco" (White Swan)
just wondering how they keep track of the many lines