Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chart Change!

Remember going on driving trips as a kid, you got so excited whenever you crossed a state line? It's like that for us when we pass from one chart to the next. We're now 4 charts south of Annapolis, anchored off the Great Wicomico River near Reedville, VA. Gorgeous little cove surrounded by trees ... some of which are showing fall colors! Yes, we're glad to be heading south. Today was a very long day, 43 nautical miles. The sky was gray and it was so chilly I had on long underwear, a fleece pullover, a fleece jacket, my foul-weather gear, and hat and gloves. (photo coming tomorrow). But the prediction for the next couple of days is wind, rain, and cold so we wanted a good spot to wait it out.

Before we left Annapolis we didn't have time to sort and stow all the provisions. So we've been moving lots of bags and boxes back and forth - into the V-berth by day, and out into the salon at bedtime. It'll be good to have a rainy day at home to find places to store all those things, and to just sit and think about our new life.

While we were southbound Solution hailed us on the VHF for a quick conference. Moments after our conversation was finished, we were hailed again, this time by an unfamiliar boat name - Elysium. Turns out, they were the other boat written up in Spinsheet in the same article as us; they recognized our name and were sailing just 1/4 mile behind us! They're a much bigger boat than us, hence much faster, and so we won't be able to keep up with them all the way to the Bahamas but we're going to try and connect up soon. Cool - our first underway new connection.

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